Elmer's Stix-All(R) Cement-.63oz - B000LNRCEI

Elmer's Stix-All(R) Cement-.63oz - B000LNRCEI
Modèle : B000LNRCEI
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  • High technology Adhesive for indoor or outdoor use bonds almost all porous and nonporous materials

  • Provides a flexible bond that resists water, holds up in extreme heat and cold, and won't, like super glues, break over time due to vibration

  • Adhesive adheres to plastic, glass, metal, wood, china, brick and more

  • Can also be used to fill gaps or as a sealant.

  • ELMERS-A stix-all that is best for metal, canvas, other fabrics, leather, vinyl, most plastics, plastic laminates, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, polystyrene foam, painted surfaces, rubber, and brick. Flexible and dishwasher safe. No solvents, non-flammable. Set 20 minutes, cure 24 hours. Caution: Eye and skin irritant. Contains 5/8 ounces. Best for general bonding where flexibility resistance to heat, cold, and water are important. No mixing-use directly from tube. Impact resistant, indoor/outdoor use, and fills gaps. Keep out of reach of children. Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

    Elmer's Stix-All(R) Cement-.63oz - B000LNRCEI